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I have enjoyed writing for over 15 years. My greatest joy has been gods gift making me the mother of four beautiful children. Not only has this experience given me experience in the parental department but, offered experience with cooking, and party preparation.

I also have three dogs that are my little buddies. My passion is horses. With that being said I have gained knowledge about animals.

I have participated in many fundraisers using my creative skills to contribute.


Happy reading! I am so happy to have met so many people while doing one of the things I love writing.




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    Separate Beds

    2 years ago

    There are many reasons that couples may choose to sleep in separate beds. Often one is a light sleeper, snoring can be an issue or even choosing to fall asleep with the television on can cause your partner a sleepless...

  • 71


    2 years ago

    Dallas tv series, Dallas tv sho, TNT Dallas Google Images Last night June 13, 2012, was the premiere of the continuation of Dallas. The cast is careful to correct people that claim it is the Dallas Remake because it...

  • 109

    Chocolate Covered Strawberries

    2 years ago

    Chocolate covered strawberries are a long time favorite. I made these up myself over twenty years ago and have kept the basket ready to use and over again. Once the basket is set up you have a very inexpensive edible...

  • 129

    Dominant Dog Behavior

    2 years ago

    Maggie climbing high exhibiting alpha behavior insisting on being in the picture belongs to Angela Brummer all rights reserved Is your dog showing dominant traits? I have had dogs my entire life and did not realize that...

  • 145

    Margarita Pedicures

    2 years ago

    Just the word Margarita makes most people feel happy. Everyone also loves pedicures! One reason is that we tend to groom from head to toe, thus if we are running short on time, our feet miss out on the entire grooming...

  • 81

    His Mother

    2 years ago

    You may have had a significant other who’s mother has intentionally ruined your relationship.Or yikes, is it just me that hooks up with dudes whose mothers have mastered the slipknot, turning their apron string...

  • 66

    The Lone Wolf

    2 years ago

    The majority of the lone wolf pictures that we see today are recreations of the oil on canvas paintings by artist Victor Wierusz-Kowalski also known asAlfred von Wierusz-Kowalski. The Polish artists paintings received...

  • 24

    How to Advertise Your Puppies For Free

    2 years ago

    You shouldn’t have to undersell the competition or pay out of pocket money to sell your cute puppies. There are many free and effective pet classifieds where the puppies will be viewed by many people. Begin...

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